I studied a lot of Spark AR tutorials and played with the editor. After that, I thought to myself, what kind of game could possibly be really easy to learn, challenging, fun and hard to master - by taking full advantage of the possibilities of Spark AR. So I came up with the idea of navigating a rocket only with your facial expressions.

What it does

You are a rocket pilot and your challenge is to navigate your rocket only with your facial expressions - hands-free. At first, the task is very easy, but level for level you will run into more difficulties.

Which level will you be able to achieve?

How I built it

Using Spark AR with Particles, Canvas, Rectangles and a lot of scripting (especially the Reactive, FaceGestures and FaceTracking features). Used free emoji packages and generally free graphics.

Challenges I ran into

Bringing it all together, getting the first prototype up and running.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created the whole project within two days :-) I am proud of myself and thankful for my family, who gave me a lot of support, especially my kids: Woah, that's cool! And of course, my wife: That's something I would really like to play!

What I learned

Using Spark AR and spontaneously fell in love with it. The visual editor reminds me somehow on my first programming experiences with Visual Basic, over two decades ago. The reactive programming principle is fun and to see a progress immediately on the screen is really empowering.

What's next for FaceLauncher AR

I could think of tracking more facial expressions and maybe a multiplayer mode would be really great.

Built With

  • coffee
  • es6
  • gimp
  • sparkar
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