People are used to forget stuff. It's the easiest thing ever to forget that you were going to wish Dave a happy birthday or lend him your Raspberry PI. That's why we decided to create the app keeping all notes attached to dude's face — FaceKeeper.

What it does

Once you open the app, just take a picture of person you want to pin note to: the app will recognise him/her from your Facebook friends list and show you currently available notes. Add the note by pressing "+" floating button and .

How we built it

We used Android Studio 1.5, Android SDK 23 to make an Android app, and OpenCV 3.0.0 for face recognition. Also we used Stack Overflow a lot since we had tons of questions :)

Challenges we ran into

Since all of us are Python devs and it was our first Android programming experience, we had to spend a lot of time on research. While Android community topics were really helpful, OpenCV community seemed to leave lots of questions without answers. Also we found out that some OpenCV bugs (mostly in Camera View) were transfered from version 2 to version 3.

We had several issues with Android RecycleView, but luckily we figured them out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to say that in 36 hours 3 Python devs managed to create their first Android app (and it is working almost the way it is supposed to).

Also we've learned a lot about teamwork and had a lot of fun, which is fantastic!

What we learned

  1. We've figured out how do Android activities and layouts work
  2. After this hackathon we can say without any doubt that we know everything (I mean, everything) about OpenCV Camera View
  3. You should definitely think twice before picking poorly supported library for hackathon :)

What's next for FaceKeeper

We're got big plans for this app.

  1. Implement the design as seen on pics above
  2. Beat that OpenCV thing to make it work the way it is supposed to
  3. Add Facebook Graph API app token to get the photos of friends straight from Facebook API
  4. Upload the app to Google Play
  5. Lots of awesome stuff
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