Facior Innovo

Facial Detection Software


With many school systems going virtual, teachers often have the challenging task of monitoring their students' progress and participation through video calls.

What it does

Factor Innovo is designed to give teachers the ability and awareness of their students' attentiveness during class by monitor students' faces. In particular, the software monitors the student's head position relative to their screen. After each lesson, the teacher will receive a graphical report that shows the percentage of students distracted over the course of the lesson.

How We Built It

From the start, we used Python to work with Google Cloud's Vision tools to determine the tilt angle. Afterward, we used Django to develop a web application where teachers can upload their recorded videos and receive their statistics.

Challenges We ran into

We had to spend a lot of time reading and implementing Google's API. Additionally, we ran into HTML troubles when developing the web application, especially when trying to reference files from local.

What I Learned

We learned how to use some of Google's tools, Github repository management, and working with Django

What's next for Faceior Innovo?

We're hoping to provide teachers with more analytical data and making the UI cleaner and friendlier.

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