What if creating AR try-on's for real products could be as easy as uploading photos to Shopify or Amazon or any other ecommerce site?

What it does Productize is a platform that lets any merchant onboard their goods for AR try-on, straight from product photos.

How it works

  1. V1 showcases Shopify integration through Okta login. Start at and register or login through Okta.

  2. When you have logged into Productize, input your Shopify private app example URL.

  3. Now, we'll batch preview how your products will look in AR. For some products, such as earrings you may want to change the attachment point from the default nose to ear. In our example, our sample shop Glasses Yosun Has Worn only sells eyewear, so we can keep the attachment point at nose.

  4. Note: in this case, we have prepared our products with a front-facing preview and added a specific alt tag to have the platform easily pick out which product image to use for the AR try-on. Please peruse the ShopifyOnboarding pdf for details on how to prepare your product images.

  5. You can easily quick preview your product on both a generic male and female character. Or, preview some as male and some as female. But, this is trivial web css stuff and that's not what you're interested in. What you want is to hit the "Onboard" button.

  6. And open the app (and type in your user tag) to preview your products on your own face in AR and everyone else on the Internet and beyond!

  7. Cool! Now that your products are AR ready, simply send us an email at Sales and we'll have your AR app ready in 24 hours or less!

How I built it

Web onboarding platform built this weekend

  • Okta authentication
  • Shopify API to access any merchant's products and images they want to AR
  • jQuery for live batch previews of product placement on model
  • Bootstrap 4 for website UI
  • LAMP for storing and serving / interfacing data between the merchant on the web, user on the app store.
  • Wacom (hand drawn model) - The male character I sketched in November for Movember, but the female character is new!

interfaces with app for AR try on on the app store. Note: app was built myself at another hackathon!

What I learned

Okta flow... Shopify meta fields

What's next for Productize

Okta social login! Okta custom domains...

Deeper uses of Okta for securing the API which offers access to the usual machine learning endpoints for age, feature points and more

More integrations Amazon, eBay, etsy

Clarification refers to a series of projects I built (and also one of my startups entirely built by myself). The specific product described above: Productize was built this weekend for Okta.

FYI - Other things you'd need to try out my app

You'll need a Shopify merchant account with products! If you don't have one, you can use my test store by copy pasting my Shopify private app link into the prompt titled "Enter Example URL" 
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