Inspirtation - The idea

We took a long time to think about a problem that affects the majority of people nowadays. As of 2018, a great number of people pay using contactless technologies like NFC. This is great, but it increases the risk of fraud involving credit cards and other identification methods.

What it does - The principle

Our application aims to solve this problem by offering a visual identification check to the payment process. The principle is easy:

  1. Sign up with your card number and initial photo associated to your account
  2. Everytime you use your card, you will be prompted to take a picture so that we can instantly confirm your identity

If someone else tries to use your card, they will be registered on the system so that we can know them!

Challenges we ran into and we built it

We had to mix a bunch of technologies in order to make our idea possible. We made a client app that enables NFC reading on Android devices, and had to run a server and client web page that can take live pictures and send them to the Face++ API. The API can then check if the two faces match and send an answer back so that we can confirm the identity of the user.

What we learned

Debugging web applications can be hard! Android Studio takes time to learn!

What's next for FaceCard

Integrate FaceCard with other technologies such as transit cards, school id, hotel keys...

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