Faceboxx is an open source tool that innovates a new feature for Facebook Chat: Cloud storage. Cloud storage is cheap. Incredibly cheap. But many providers are still charging users by size. We are disrupting the cloud storage space and allowing unlimited uploads using Facebook chat.

We have created a program that breaks any file up into 25mb chunks, encrypts them using 256-bit AES encryption, and uploads them to a users Facebook inbox, where they are stored indefinitely. At a later time, a user can use our program to download, re-combine, and decrypt the file. Also, we have discovered that the Facebook permalinks to these files can actually be shared publicly, which means we could turn our product into the ultimate cloud storage application.

Faceboxx is currently a proof of concept, but can easily be expanded and created into a robust app that would solve the the issue of Cloud Storage and file sharing once and for all!

Faceboxx: Free, Unlimited, & Secure Cloud Storage for All!

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