We wanted to make a game that lets people have fun making phases while learning not to be angry on the road.

What it does

The game uses the camera feed and facial expressions/emotions to guide your vehicle through a field of cubes!

How we built it

We gathered data from the internet as well as hackathon goers in the form of video recordings, and by using OpenCV and Microsoft Cognitive Services tagged our data and then trained a Fisher face classifier. We used Haar cascades to detect faces in image. We created a web app game using Three.js to create a simple game in the spirit of CubeField, except in 3 dimensions.

Challenges we ran into

OpenCV is a pain to install and set up. Training data quality varied and it took us time to perfect our data pre-processing and data acquisition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the face classifiers that are capable of discerning between different expressions and emotions in real time. Making a small webgl game.

What we learned

Install things ahead of time. Faces hurt when you constantly force expressions for science. Don't try this at home kids!

What's next for FaceBox

Better data to improve the classifiers and improve the web game to be more appealing.

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