My teammates and I all save posts on Facebook, but never remember to go back to them. We wanted to create a feature that reminded the user to go back to their saved posts.

What it does

Our app sets a reminder at the time the user selects after they save a post on Facebook for later. They have the option of choosing between being reminded later that day, or in a week, or not at all. We analyze the most active time for the user on facebook, and set the reminder to display at that time.

How we built it

We used mongodb to store posts from the newsfeed to the user's saved for later posts list. We used python for the backend. We also implemented bootstrap for the frontend as well as html, css, and javascript. We used paralleldots, and pymongo in our app as well.

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't access the newsfeed of the user. However, we found a way around this, by taking the user's likes and using the id's of the pages the user has liked to generate a newsfeed of posts for the user to add to saved for later.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the time analysis feature that determines when the best time to display the reminder for the user is. We're proud of our app because it's our first hackathon. We're also proud of staying up, and giving it our best effort.

What we learned

We learned that creating a Design Document, having regular team meetings, and checking up on the schedule regularly are very important to the engineering process.

What's next for faceboot

We hope to see our feature implemented on facebook. We hope to attend more hackathons, and improve our skills!

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