Use facebook through Amazon Alexa

'Alexa, post "What a glorious day ",

Posting on facebook should be as simple as that when you have an Alexa device and now it is. Facebook integration was the one key thing missing on Alexa.

Or if you want to listen to your friend's news feed updates as you brush your teeth and go about your morning routine, or chop vegetables, now you can.

This app lets you post status updates with voice, or listen to your feed anytime.

You can ask Alexa to post a specific string or you can listen to any number of latest posts from your feed

How I built it

I picked up the Amazon Alexa Api from the workshop and then got started trying to integrate Facebook and Alexa. I had to create a Facebook app and use OAuth to authenticate and link them. After that I used the facebook API to make API calls to interact with Facebook. I used Alexa intents to input the commands

Challenges I ran into

Amazon kept force changing my devveloper marketplace to UK, while the Alexa server is located in US because of this the app would just not run and the error message was highly ambiguous. I spent many hours digiing into this and then figured out that this was the error. I had to create a completely new account on AWS and Alexa specifically located in US and redo the entire app from scratch before it woul compile One of the major challenges was integrating Alexa Skills with the Facebook API. Then making calls, to the Facebook API and parsing the output into a format usable by Alexa. The Facebook API is severely limiting in what it lets you access. Ideally I would have liked to implement a "Read my messages" functionality but it does not let you access any users messages.

  • API calls can no more read User inboxes or get friends. This functionality would have allowed to answer messages by voice or message particular friends through Alexa.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned a lot of javascript in one weekend A working design in only a weekend

What I learned

nodeJs Facebook API Programming Alexa skills Handling immense emotional turmoil Be relentless. Never to stop trying.

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