After looking up "master bed for rent" on Facebook, I started getting a flood of ads for rentals on my Facebook. I knew Facebook tailors their ads based on users' activity, but I wanted to know just how much activity did they track? After downloading all my data from my Facebook page, I found my search history, some of which I thought I deleted (cough cough..stalking exes). Along with my search history, I found times and dates when I added friends, blocked them, messaged them, even the advertisers that were targeted towards me.

I decided enough was enough, we need to make a tool that reveals just how much Facebook knows about you. My teammates and I came up with Facebook Wrapped, an easy way to visualize all the data Facebook has on you.

What it does

Our project takes in data about a user and produces a visualization of the number of friends you made in one year, who you poked the most, who you stalked the most, etc.

How I built it

Using Vue JS, Vuetify, Chart JS, and Azure blob storage to hold the site, and azure devops for source control.

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenges was updating the chart after the data was updated. Most of the challenges involved Chart JS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had a lot of trouble with using Azure. After a lot of stackoverflow and energy drinks, we were able to successfully fix our Azure issues.

What I learned

Facebook tracks more than you know. They know the exact time you became friends with someone, they know your search history, they even track the amount of times you poke someone. Anyone can download their facebook profile and look through the data to find the emails of their friends, even if that information isn't on the Facebook site.

What's next for Facebook Wrapped

We want to reveal how much Facebook really knows about you, to analyze data searches based on time of day (maybe you are most likely to stalk exes at night) and analyze other categories of data. We also want to implement a share and explore feature for some of the data categories.

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