Wanting to easily make new connections with people in person for future interaction -

What it does

Utilizes offline technology via iBeacon to make a connection that you can fully sync up with when you are back online.

Connection made in physical space doesn't always transition seamlessly to a social media connection. "Which of these 30 John Smith's are you?" "How do you spell that?" "I'm trying to friend you, but I can't connect to the wifi here."

Our app makes exchanging a friend request, joining the fb group who's meetup you're attending, or following the page of the musician onstage much simpler--regardless of whether you're currently connected to the internet.

We use the Facebook Login and Facebook Graph APIs to maintain a current list of your liked pages, groups along with your own identity.

When two people agree to form a connection, they each just tap twice to set up and accept a bluetooth connection that transmits the new friend's profile, or the folks' fb group, or the musician's page, to the other person, and when they're back online, their phone chimes with a reminder that they planned on making a connection.

An use case scenario could be

EXAMPLE 1: A Dj could be playing to a fanbase of 40 people in a local venue and transmit a notification that directs you to their page for more content, the notification can be sent offline

EXAMPLE 2: You meet someone of interest, but timing is not on your side and you can not stay to continue the conversation: now through ibeacon/nfc transmission you can make a temporary connection with your "new acquaintance" setting into motion a 24 hour clock to engage that person in conversation before it expires. This is a way to enhance online dating offerings by allowing the people you meet in person to seamlessly get into your social media flow

How we built it

Choosing between ibeacon and nfc technology to send offline bluetooth transmissions of notifications utilizing FB Login for authentication

Challenges we ran into

Choosing between Ibeacon and nfc as an option for sending notifications, issues with NFC had trouble testing what was wrong so we went with ibeacon Challenges with learning Xcode and working in the FB sandbox and limits in there we were not expecting, problems with Cordova,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seeing this through to the end

What we learned

Objective c, swift, ibeacon tech. & wireframes nobody in the group had prior experience in these areas: became more advanced at Googlin as well ;)

What's next for Facebook Vibes

Final submission

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