How I got an idea?

first I started with my own bot and my portfolio website with a new domain - "" and AWS services. I then found out that this can be useful if I integrate it into facebook as almost everyone use fb. But suddenly I felt that there is no use of bot if it is just helping me and not almost everyone.

  • So finally I decided to make second project with IBM watson personal insights API and which can do these many things ...

What it does?

It takes person's public profile ID and it collects all his posts from that. After combining it sends those all posts to IBM Watson Personal Insights. From the response generated from IBM watson, It calculates the appropriate person's personality for which user is looking for.

-According to IBM the results are 78-82% perfect. -So user can make use of that in so many different ways for e.g. finding good leader (from fan page posts or speeches), finding a perfect life partner (from his/her friend's posts), finding a good teacher, a good startup entrepreneur (by taking their ideas), finding a right customer for right product from user's posts.


  • configuring AWS EC2, Person's friend's facebook posts and feeds integration


  • I'm proud of making a fully working probably the best idea for a social problem solutions, business solutions, marketing, Education and fun And even my first project is also interesting because of custom node js bot for Recruiters who want to hire me.

What next?

  • I am planning to generate a full graphical report using tablue and that can be provided in my Bot response in facebook. And since it would be free, most of the small Businesses, NGO's, Recruiters, Unmarrieds and other citizens can make the best use of all my Bot's services
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