Api on Facebook site itself for Java script manipulations. Usefull for Chrome app development or just for fun.

Why not facebook api?

This is directly accessing the methods available on the Facebook.com and does not depends on the API. Why would someone need this?

  1. To develop browser addons
  2. To do fun stuff that you cant do with the api

How to setup

  1. Go to Raw source
  2. Copy everything
  3. Go to Facebook
  4. Open up the console. (Press F12)
  5. Paste the content and press enter
  6. You will have a FB variable initiated and can call methods on it. Look at Annotated Source code for documentation


No Documentation other than the Annotated source code

About facebook.js

This is inspired by gmail.js for GMail. I was bored today and decided to do decode the minified, scrambled JS on faceook.com. I was managed to find their dependency injection mechanism and able to tap into their client api. This is what I could come up with. #hackfb

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