Do you ever take the effort to plan time to spend with your friends, only to reach disagreement after disagreement that ends in a stagnant halt of indecision? Facebook Journey is a new, fun way to plan adventures, bringing the world closer to you and you closer to the world.

What is Facebook Journey?

Think of Facebook Journey like a simple turn-based game; every player gets one turn, and at each turn, one player contributes to the journey. Once you and your friends create a Journey, each player will pick a location on the map and easily choose restaurants, nightlife, sightseeing, and other activities that reside around your marker. Once an activity is selected, The next player chooses his/her activity and location, and a path is drawn between your markers. As the game progresses, the activities that you and your friends picked forms a path to explore. Once all the turns are over, you and your friends can see a summary of your planned Journey.

Facebook Journey is much more than a simple event planning application, as it has its own social platforms where you can see you and your friend's recent trips and favorite activities. Our goal is to ease and encourage people to build and maintain community with both their friends and the world. Facebook Journey opens the world up to its users and opens its users to new worlds. With each new location comes a new path, a new adventure, a new Journey.

Further Details:

Facebook Journey was developed using Facebook’s own React-Native mobile platform and Google’s Firebase data storage. The Facebook Journey application takes advantage of many different features of the Facebook Graph API, including Authentication, Places Search, and Friends. Future work for this application includes integration with Facebook Messenger and using previous Facebook Journey data to provide suggestions for future trips.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into balancing design and development Facebook’s API is not super friendly with HTTP requests, and prefers you to use the Graph API. We had a lot of difficulty setting this up even with the help of the engineers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our app is multi-platform (iOS and Android)
  • We built some reusable components
  • We design an app with beautiful UI
  • Our app works!
  • No merge conflicts

What we learned

  • React Native
  • Small firebase limits
  • Advanced CSS
  • Layers of design and their limitations for a MVP.
  • Flattening tree structures on firebase
  • Using google polyline to draw paths
  • Bootstrap 4 Beta
  • Facebook open source library

What's next for Facebook Journey

  • Messaging integration
  • Using data to predict/suggest trips
  • Google Sign-in
  • Uber, Taxi, & Lyft transportation suggestions
  • Integration with FaceBook!
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