Gayoung who is one of the makers was having a dinner with me and my friends and told us a random idea that she had. It was really nothing special, she just needed an app where she could write a memo on her FB friend's profile so that she can remember who they are... We sympathized about this issue, so we started mini-hackathon.

What it does

  1. You can add or edit a note from your friend’s profile
  2. You can view your note from your friend’s profile, friends list, and when you hover over friend’s profile.

How I built it

We made a chrome extension to modify front-end code of FB friend's profile page.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We only took 12 hours to make it, and was featured on Product Hunt!

What's next for Facebook Friends Memo

We submit this product on Chrome Web Store as free!

It will be very useful if you have too many FB friends and/or have difficulty remembering them all. [Revised] No Longer Supported

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