Finding the right classes can sometimes be troublesome and frustrating. If only we could ask our academic advisors everything we needed to know to plan our classes out right? What if I needed a 3 credit VLPA class but finding one online would be too difficult?

What it does

It does everything a course planner does but in a conversational interface form as if you're taking to a advisor.

How we built it

Our bot is hosted on a express server and deployed on Heroku. We scrap class data using beautiful soup and stored the courses info on mongodb and we used fire base to store user data. We used's nlp to make our bot more human like.

Challenges we ran into

We have problems running our python scripts and loading it into our mongdb. We also had some trouble with querying firebase's database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Scraping the UW website for courses. Deploying the messenger bot server on heroku

What we learned

What's next for Facebook Course Planner Bot

Tying it up with course ratings and professor ratings?

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