It was just an idea from my childhood. I always wonder that what makes social media media that much addictive. What's in that which makes people stick to their smartphones. And then I googled this and found that there is a big algorithm working behind it which give people dopamine rush. And that's why I and my teammate tried to develop a clone of most famous social media app-""FACEBOOK

What it does

It is a social media app where people can interact with each other and share their thoughts.

How we built it

Well, it really took a lot of time. Building a social media is not a joke. First of all we used 5 languages to make it - HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and MYSQL. We used HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT in Front End and PHP and MYSQL in Back End to develop the website. Also, we used different frameworks of JAVASCRIPT like JQUERY and AJAX.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges for us was to connect different languages with each other and we ran into a lot of error when building it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of that we finally completed this project. This project was a challenge for us. It's because I've some programming and my teammate is a beginner. Building this with using 5 languages is just unbelievable for us as well but now we believe it.

What we learned

We learned different JAVASCRIPT frameworks and how to use them in our project. That was one of the hardest part.

What's next for FaceBook Clone

We can integrate python(django) in it to make it more interactive and we also think to use machine learning and AI in future.

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