We wanted to build something that allows convenience in Facebook chats. It's pretty shocking that there isn't anything that allows people to tag each other in Facebook chats, so we figured that this is a pretty necessary tool.

What it does

It allows you to tag a specific person in a group chat. Let's say you're part of GroupChat1 and you would like to tag Dave and Ari. Saying @Dave and @Ari will send them a personal message: "Hey (Dave/Ari), you've been mentioned in a chat."

How we built it

We build this using Python, Selenium, and Splinter, and used bash for testing.

Challenges we ran into

We did not know Python initially, so it was pretty hard being able to learn syntax and read Selenium/Splinter in an entirely new language. Also, there were a lot of issues with debugging, as you have to find one error, then go on to the next. It is a pretty tedious process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we were able to make something that we can use in everyday life!

What we learned

We learned that Selenium is a very powerful tool that can be very flexible in terms of function.

What's next for Facebook Chat 2.0

Adding more flexibility and more functions to this.

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