I wanted to make a sandbox game where you can test your skills against different bosses.

What it does

BossRush is a sandbox boss-fighting game. You can build creations, share them with your friends, and then fight bosses with your own custom-built arenas and strategies. The inventory system and achievement system keep the game engaging.

How I built it

Firebase, HTML5, and the Facebook SDK. The Facebook SDK is used to store data for players, such as achievements, and inventory. It also allows to share achievements & creations with friends. The HTML5 physics engine & rendering engine is made in-house.

Challenges I ran into

Creation of a physics engine for the game was incredibly challenging

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

At around 3 AM, I realized that rotation would destroy the animation quality, so I had to upscale every image by a factor of 3 and treat every 3 pixels as a single pixel.

What I learned

Facebook Integration

What's next for Facebook Boss Rush

Intermittent updates, refining of engine for future projects

Built With

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