Project for HackBeanpot 2019.

We wanted to show how much data Facebook had on people, and the best way of doing that is to visualize it. We extracted as much data as we could from Facebook's data export, and then we created a client-side app that would visualize it. It is important that the app be client side - your full Facebook history is very sensitive data and users shouldn't have to give up their privacy (by uploading their data) in order to visualize it. So, we sent the code to the data, and not the data to the code.

For all of us, this is our first major front-end project. Many of us had very small amounts of prior experience with JavaScript, but this was our first major project including integration, including full data analysis on the client-side for privacy.

Made by Daniel Rassaby, Sam Xifaras, Michael Wheeler, and Julian Zucker.

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