We meet so many people, so many acquaintances on a daily basis that it is hard to remember who they are and where you met them. For example, think of how many new names you have to remember at a large convention, a networking event, or even a hackathon! Another related issue is people affected by Alzheimer's disease. These individuals may easily forget people who are important to them, such as friends or family. The final related issue is people affected by Down Syndrome. They are less able to react accordingly to social situations because they cannot recognize emotions through facial cues as easily.

What It Does

Face2Face is the world's first wearable social application. Quickly reconnect with old acquaintances, meet new people and push past the social barrier of making small talk at conferences. Face2Face will help you remember familiar faces by tracking previous interactions. Face2Face takes a photo of the individual who you cannot remember and applies facial recognition to match the mystery person to a registered user in the database. The user's profile will then be pulled up which includes their social media links and contact information. Our app seamlessly connects with all your social media platforms allowing other people to connect with you with just one look. We use real-time face identification API to notify you of familiar faces, people that you met or people that are willing to connect.

How We Built It

We used Wix Code API and Microsoft Azure Face API to create a person group, detect faces, register users and train the person group so we can identify a face against our defined PersonGroup(dataset). We also used Wix database, dynamic pages, login page, account creation, fetching, and handling media input/output.

Challenges We Ran Into

We integrated Microsoft Azure SDK and Wix code together. We had difficulty converting the REST API calls to work with the Wix platform. Thanks to the dedicated Wix mentors, we eventually overcome the challenges to successfully conquer this challenge.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We created a very beautiful UI using the Wix website and we rewrote the Microsoft Azure Face API and SDK for face identification into Javascript using wix-fetch in order to make it compatible.

What We Learned

We learned a lot about and Microsoft Azure. Hours spent exploring and then implementing our skills in our project helped us to become very familiar with Although working with Microsoft Azure was challenging, it was also very rewarding because we spent a lot of time figuring out how to solve the problems we faced and improve our code.

What's Next For Face2Face

The next step for Face2Face is to integrate it with an augmented reality headset and real-time facial recognition so that this solution is practical for daily use. We will also integrate Microsoft Azure Emotion API to help users detect emotion in order to assist individuals affected by Down Syndrome.

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