I am from Pakistan, all around the world Pakistan image is not good so I decided to show people that Pakistan is not the same as media convey and spread the positive image so I decided to make an Instagram filter to show Pakistan diverse culture and Pakistani arts

Just a face mask of a truck shape which has pretty amazing art on it and at back is smoke

I check out the tutorials and join the facebook SparkAr creator community and try to make this at SparkAr

at beginning the first challenge is to understand the tools in SparkAr studio than making art after that it is easy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of by showing pakistan Positive Image

What I learned is that we have an idea make it live using spark ar ..and it is very powerfull tool to show world your creativty, by this tool i make diffent filter

What's next for Face Truck, after that i make different filter to show paskitani cultural by provience dressing filter and pakistan scene filter

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