We, humans, are extremely good at noticing fundamental and sophisticated things such as beauty from people's face. Nevertheless, we could seamlessly read emotions, feelings and even personality in our faces however diverse we are. Its quite clear that most of our personality and current situations, even our current health status is just written somewhere between our forehead and chin and this is truly backed by research.

Smart computers, powered by Artificial intelligence have recently surpassed average human visual capabilities. This is due to the availability of big data and advances in computing resources. Machines are now able to figure out patterns that us mere mortal beings could never get a clue of. Computer vision to be specific has been used by various industries including the pharmaceutical industry to diagnose diseases. A lot has been achieved, albeit, none has been used that exploits the facial landmarks for medical information and disease diagnosis.

What it does

We decided to exploit this conventional application of Artificial intelligence in facial recognition and facial landmark detection to achieve a Face Sickness Detection system. What you need is a picture of a victim, it might be a prospective patient or just other healthy being captured from the perfect frontal face area. The image is then uploaded to the model for inferencing after which it predicts the candidate's health status with a significant order of precision

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Face Sickness Detection

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