Colleges will be open in the Fall semester. Students taking science classes involve with labs need to go to the campus and perform hands-on experiment. Colleges such as Hudson County Community College will provide face-mask to their students. The question is how to provide students the face-mask. Instead of letting students take the face-mask out of the box, we developed an automatic face-mask dispenser, to prevent students from taking more than one mask at a time, as well as to minimize cross-contamination.

What it does

The automatic face-mask dispenser is a robotic arm that can take one face-mask at a time out of the box and give it to the student. The dispenser can be activated by sensing a person in front of it. It can also make a refill signal when the face-mask in the box is running low.

How we built it

The basic mechanism is a robotic arm. It was built by using an Arduino microprocessor along with sensors, a stepper motor and a servo motor. The mechanical parts were made by using hand tools, power tools, and AutoCAD design and 3d printing.

Challenges I ran into

Anyone who are interested in collaborating or doing business with the STEM department of Hudson County Community College.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It worked.

What I learned

  1. Refresh some skills of 3D design and Robotics.
  2. Hackathon means no house chores at all.
  3. Skipping a night of sleep is OK.
  4. Team work is important.

What's next for Automatic Face-Mask Dispenser

We will modify and perfect the prototype, We will put the automatic face-mask dispenser in different building at Hudson County Community College.

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