As the topic is COVID-19, a disastrous problem for the world, I come up with the idea of doing something relevant to COVID-19 such as mask. Hence, the face mask detector is created

What it does

Detect whether a person is wearing a face mask or not, also detect whether a person uses hand to cover his/her face to fake a mask (the problem which was quite annoying and it makes a lot of noises was addressed) The model can detect in images, videos and real-time video streams There is also web demo by using Flask

How we built it

Using MobileNetV2 as base network, I train a balanced dataset of about 4000 images to detect a person is wearing a mask or not. I also used mediapipe to detect hand of that person and if the hand coordinate is in the "face area", it will be considered "No Mask".

Challenges we ran into

The model performs not good when we have many people and small face in the frame

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Detect a person is wearing a mask or not
  • Real-time
  • Add good features to support the machine

What we learned

Computer Vision

What's next for Face Mask Detector

Deal with the problems we mentioned

Built With

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