Few Months back, in the lockdown phase, due to covid 19, we all were instructed to wear face masks to prevent community spread in the pandemic. It was a huge burden on the police force of India, to check whether people are following the guidelines issued or not. To help them out, I made a face mask detection project in pytorch. Pytorch is an awesome framework by Facebook AI Research. In this tutorial I will explain my approach to the problem mentioned above.

What it does

It detects if a person is wearing a mask or not.

How I built it

It is built using PyTorch, python, deep learning and open cv.

Challenges I ran into

The collection of data was difficult as most of the data was unstructured.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have successfully completed the project and accomplished an accuracy of 95%

What I learned

I dived deep into PyTorch and understood various approaches to use it and integrate it with the machine learning approach.

What's next for Face Mask Detection Project using Pytorch

The next challenge for this project would be increasing the accuracy and also detecting whether the person is covering the mouth and nose both of the only mouths. the challenge would be how can we integrate the system with all real-time applications.

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