Inspiration: Too long have people been leaning to turn whilst playing racing video games to no effect, we've found the solution

It uses facial recognition software, so that when you turn in real life, you also turn in the game. You also also can only move forward whilst smiling. Why play a game if you don't enjoy it?

We used python for the facial recognition and smile recognition, to give input to the unreal engine, which is where the game is. Essentially python works as the controller

The challenges that we faced were difficulty with input to the car, it's very difficult to make it move well in this way. Installing opencv also had problems as it didn't work for a long time

Now you can turn to turn in video games! Also visual input and making a 3D game

How to do visual input, general improvement with python and unreal engine.

Hopefully Nintendo will like it. If not perhaps using a controller that you can draw, or drawing your own courses on paper and scanning them into the game.

Just to say that the file size was too big to upload everything. So follow the google drive to find everything.

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