Pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores or bedsores) are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. They can happen to anyone, but usually affect people confined to bed or sitting in a chair or wheelchair for long periods. After infection, it takes a long time and more cost to treat & cure the Pressure Ulcer. Hence, Early Detection and Curing would result in a sustainable way of dealing with Pressure Ulcers and be Cost-Effective at the same time. Hence, In order to solve this problem, we participated in this Hackathon.

What it does

Detects & Cures the Pressure Ulcer even before the patient is aware of it

How we built it

Using temperature sensor and electric stimulation sensor integrated with nanoparticles coated cotton mattress.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating sensor with the fabric without causing extra pressure at pressure points.

What we learned

Organizing and Learning and Practically implementing them

Built With

  • arduino
  • nanotechnology
  • thermofixation
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