What it does

Fable is an interactive storytelling platform that visualizes the experience of story telling and brings the words, and world, to life. Speak into the microphone and Fable will detect the setting of the story, visualize the characters, and animate live actions along with the story.

Use it to:

  • Visualize storytelling
  • Add visuals to a lecture to help students
  • Add additional creative optics to the stories you tell your friends

How we built it

Using a collection of Machine Learning Natural Language Processing algorithms, we began to better break down and understand relationships in our voice inputs. We then used these relationships to create images to represent objects (using the Google image search API) and actions to represent relationships.

The platform is an extremely light Python Flask backend, serving a frontend which uses Fabric.js (a canvas) to display pictures. All the rest is mapping and some clever math.

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