I am a mentor, I just have an idea for sustainable agriculture and I just want a feedback on this. Please only judge my submission if time permits.

if you wanna try the code out, contact me for the password to mySQL server @ thinhvo1101@gmail.com


I couldn't find a database of recommended plants for food forest community so I created one

What it does

A web-app to create/store/update/destroy a recommended plants to start a food forest for sustainable agriculture enthusiasts !

How I built it

Front end: html, thymeleaf, bootstrap Back end: mySQL, Spring boot using CRUD and MVC framework

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

You can search for plants based on multiple parameters in one search box (such as: which forest layer, seasonal type, name, tags...) I got to learn how to use Spring boot and Thymeleaf ! They are super fun !

What's next for F2DB-Food Forest Database

Hosting it online, implement add user, and add plant! More community events, news !

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