We were intrigued by the presence of VR in the gaming community and wished to contribute a product that showcased the simplicity of VR gaming along with a bit of education on topics we found to be integral to the functioning of the US. We also found some of our inspiration for the product in the extremely educational and well executed promotional demos that Oculus Rift VR provided.

What it does

Everyday millions of people fly on airplanes making Air traffic control an incredibly complex and important task. Our project is a virtual reality air traffic control simulation that places the user in direct control of a F-22 fighter jet. The user must navigate through a minefield of missiles and pass through altitude markers designated by an air traffic controller. The air traffic controller will also alert the player of dangerous conditions such as damaged engines. We hoped to encapsulate with our project one of the numerous duties that air traffic controllers strive to accomplish on a regular basis, maintaining aircraft altitude, and the great responsibility they carry.

How we built it

We created the game entirely in Unity and wrote scripts for the game in C#. Textures and models used in the game were taken from open source libraries to ameliorate the time constraint we found ourselves in.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have any prior experience with Unity, which as a result hindered the amount of progress we could make for the first day. We also lacked crucial software that the execution of our product needed which took a while to procure with the slow internet speeds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create this project without any understanding of Unity beforehand. The project helped us as a team find our strengths in the design process also.

What we learned

We learned a wealth of knowledge associated with Unity that will allow us to create more and more complex games that capitalize upon the numerous features and benefits of VR. This project acted as a springboard for our group into more advanced topics in computer science such as the interaction between graphics and code.

What's next for F22 Rocket Storm

We plan to release multiple levels and expansion packs for the game in the coming months as the game has peaked our interest in VR.

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