NeedleBuddy (working title)

Discarded needles aren't anyone's buddy; :syringe: this app can help! :calling:

Our smartphone-friendly Progressive Web Application can be at your fingertips, so the next time you spot a discarded needle, you can report it right away. Don't worry about having to exhaustively describe its location, the app will pick up for current GPS coordinates and report them to a friendly volunteer. Once they are able to collect the needle, you will receive a text message indicating it was successful; they may use your phone number to ask follow-up questions.

Are you feeling confident? Our app will also link you to the Safe Needle Disposal walkthrough, and provide you with a list of possible drop-off sites.


  1. Needlebuddy requires Node, Postgress 11.5, and .NET Core 3.0
  2. Run the included database table creation script
  3. Add the following entries to your appsettings.json file: "SwiftBaseUrl": "", "SigningKey": "<your confidential signing key (also update in database)>", "ConnectionStrings": { "NeedleBuddyDatabase": "<your postgres connection string>" },
  4. Run npm build and npm start to initialize the front-end
  5. Run dotnet build and dotnet run to initialize the back-end
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