F1 Predictor

What is it?

A little Python program that will generate some F1 qualifying and race results based on historic data from the Ergast data set.

How did I make it?

I used pandas to generate average qualifying and race positions for each driver, and each constructor (team).

Those averages are then smashed together, weighted more towards the car than the driver - since even the best driver probably couldn't win in the worst car on the grid.

How to try it out?

Make sure Python and pandas are installed. Run sim.py!

config.csv contains the data for this year's grid, if you'd like to see that. There's also a file for 2016's grid in the data folder. Alternatively, you could pick some teams and drivers using the IDs in the data folder, or ask the program to generate some random combinations for you. (youtube demo coming soon...)

Is this accurate?

Not really, it's just for fun. I definitely wouldn't use this for betting purposes, lol.

What would I do in future?

Oh god so many things. A GUI, circuit having actual bearing on results, quali having actual bearing on results.

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