The problem we face in our day to day life inspired us to come up with this idea.

F-XED is an application which provides a platform to have a direct contact between service men and user.Like if we want to call an electrician we don't have to deal with any middle men to get an electrician, rather we can directly find the available electrician around us at best cost.

F-XED is an android application which is built on the Android studio.We use Java and XML for front-end, php5 and node JS for backend and AWS ( Amazon Web Service ) and GoDaddy for hosting.

Challenges faced while making this project is to make a real time application with node JS and rabbit-MQ.Also to make a user-friendly front-end is also a challenge.

We are able to connect the user directly with service men. We are also proud that this application is a great help to the user as well as those who provide service.

We learn how to make a real time application with node JS, rabbit-MQ in an Android application.

We want to expand F-XED to other cities as well implement features like one to one chat with user and service men.

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