Inspiration. USC's amazing Trojan Family gives its students access to a myriad of career opportunities. However, this has led to students being constantly being dumped with hundreds of emails and notifications career and networking events. FOMO centralizes this data into an easily accessible map UI and calendar.

What it does. F.O.M.O parses information from our school emails regarding career, sorts it, and pins it onto a google map and calendar for students to see that is updated daily.

How we built it. It is built by using a combination of google APIs (map, gmail, natural language) and python regEX to parse information from emails and using that information to create a google map.

Challenges we ran into. The actual implementation of the idea was much more difficult than we thought. Most of us did not have experience using Google API. We also had to learn new languages like python and html/css.

Accomplishments that we're proud of. Using multiple APIs for this project and learning new languages.

What we learned. How to implement API.

What's next for F.O.M.O. Adding a filter onto the google map to have different colored pins for each school event. An iOS application so that the information is conveniently on your phone. Expanding to other schools by making our algorithm work ANY input.

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