Meet f.low, the intelligent audio control system that knows your surroundings.


Have you ever tried to watch a movie on the bus? Study in public? Listen to music while commuting?

We're guessing you have. And, by extension, we're guessing you've had to deal with the frustrating experience of constantly adjusting the volume to accommodate for your changing environment. Everyday distractions like crying babies and noisy neighbors hinder your productivity, your patience, and the sick fiya you're dropping in your playlist -- but they no longer need to be sources of stress.

What it Does

Using the built in microphone on your Mac OS X device, f.low is able to detect how loud your environment is and dynamically adjust your volume on-the-fly, keeping your listening experience consistent.

Mapping microphone input power to decibel values using our fitting algorithm, as well as letting you set a maximum and minimum volume for f.low to work with, we achieve the sound you want, all the time.

How We Built It

f.low is currently available on Mac OS X, and it's just a quick and easy port away from iOS. We've developed it using Swift and Xcode, making use of the hardware existing on every Mac and iPhone.


Achieving a natural, consistent sound is key to listening experience, so great care was put into analyzing and optimizing the data gathered from the environment and achieving the most natural volume control.

What's Next for f.low

Of course there is much more in store and many ideas that need exploring: further optimizing user experience, improving the validity of our detecting algorithm, and re-vamping the UI are three challenges we'd love to tackle in the future.

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