/f/lat was made as a replacement for 4chan's aging /f/ message board, which is used to share flash videos and games.

We believe that because /f/ only accepts .swf files, which have bad compression for videos and music, are not compatible with smart phones, and lack many technologies that are used in modern games, it is limiting its audience and usages.

/f/lat is a custom made message board made from scratchin node.js and MongoDB using the Bootstrap framework. It is fully responsive and mobile friendly, and has an amazing banana logo at the top.

/f/lat supports any flat media file types like .swf and .html, which we believe is the future of media sharing. Flat HTML files are able to have images, videos, javascript, and CSS all in a single, sharable, and offline-available file that is compatible with any smartphone or computer with a modern web browser. (unlike 4chan's /f/'s swf files, which requires the Adobe Flash plugin).

Most significantly, /f/lat will include tool to flatten any given web site, game, video, toy or tool into a flat html5 that would work offline. As for now the function is not fully running, but we believe that the feature will be extremely useful for things outside of contained media sharing as well.

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