this is our very first hackathon so we try to came up with a new idea .. actually here in our school we have a privat emails "***" and we get always many and manyy spam emails "objet trouvé" which means "found object" so we came up with the idea of creating a mobile application that help people to search about what they lost and the people who found objects to post them in order to find the owner.

What it does

if you find an object you post it, the app will automatiqually take your geo-location or you can enter it manually we made a classment system for each type of objects .. and if you lost an object you can search by class or by name or by location the reasault will be shown on the map with some informations of who found it and where exactly these infos shouldn't be so you can contact this person.

How we built it

we used java in android Studio - FireBase - and the free map API MapBox

Challenges we ran into:

this is our first time using the MapBox API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • finishing our app with full basic features.
  • using ## What we learned
  • some new thing with illustrator ui/ux.
  • new APIs.

- how things run in a hackathon .

What's next for f[ i / ou]nd it!

  • build a trophy system to encourage people to use our application
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