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Hajjed ( Hajj Hashed )

A real-time crowd management solution to manage and optimize the crowd of Hajj pilgrimage.


The kingdom vision for 2030 is to accommodate millions of pilgrims with great services, especially tech solutions that would help pilgrims. There were two ideas that started HAJJED adventure, Locating and guiding. That is because the most important needs of the pilgrim are, how to locate a location and how to guide a pilgrim to a right destination. After many brainstorming sessions that started with a screenboard to workflows, it finally leads to the eventual evolution of the HAJJED to create a platform for the purpose of helping a Pilgrim and a Campaign Guide by using an application, with a wristband for the purpose of locating and guiding. With teammates: Mohammed Alsolami, Omar Alamoudi, Shoaib Ahmed, and Marwan Ayman, Hajjed started forming and growing with every added idea.

What it does

Hajjed ( Hajj Hashed ), a real-time crowd management solution to manage and optimize the crowd of Hajj pilgrimage. It guides and locates pilgrims to a right destination by using a wristband and combining app. The wristband has a built-in sensor and GPS to locate and show some notifications on a low priced touchscreen. While the application has three levels of user interfaces:

  • Hajj dashboard: to locate and guide the hajj in a right way.
  • Combine Guide dashboard: to locate his hajj people and communicate with them easily.
  • Crowding management control: to show the crowding on heatmaps for fast actions.

How We built it

We build this app by using Java/Python/Javascript/Swift on the backend and the frontend, XML, HTML in the platforms Android Studio, MongoDB, XCode. We also implement graphic designs creation utilizing Adobe Photoshop/Java/Python.

Challenges I ran into

Time management was the main difficulty to complete the task, however, our solution was to let each member be creative in his/her tasks and submit the complete task to other members on time. For over 14 years experiences during the Hajj seasons, we had a good vision of how to control the crowding and how to help Hajj people to locate and navigate to a right way. Our solutions would provide the better way to solve the issue of crowding during the Hajj.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Each member is proud of this great experience and we have learned as a team how to work together and implement the useful app for Hajj that solves one of the critic problems which is finding the crowding area and guiding the pilgrim to the right directions on the real-time.

What We Learned

We learned the critical and valuable lesson without any catastrophes about crowding system and localization solution. We also learned the lesson on why we make comments in our code to help each other follow the path and complete the tasks. Our solution in this project does not just implement one way of a feature, but it also opens the door for us to add more features to make the wristband, attached to our application, very helpful and also as low cost as much comparing to other wristband brands in the industry because we focused on the exact features and sensors we are looking for.

What's next for F-074-Hajjed

We are planning to provide the idea and project to Hajj Hackathon for FREE with our promise to update the platform in a very short time that can be prototyped and used during the Hajj season 2018. We would like to update the needs to add more features such as notifications by voices in multi languages and built-in sensors for safety and medical purposes including the crowding system solution that can be used for several aspects and stations based on individual requests on random locations in Makkah.

Resource: https://github.com/oalamoudi/F-074-Hajjed https://devpost.com/software/f-074-hajjed

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