Rising Number of Missing Pilgrims in Makkah made us think of a real solution for this problem.

What it does

Al-Murshed application is target pilgrims who get lost inside and around the Grand Mosque in Makkah during Hajj season. The system direct users are Missing Persons’ Offices, security guards, police officers and volunteers’ members at the Grand Mosque who work round the clock. Al-murshed application user shall enter the pilgrim’s ID/ name in a search screen to get back all related information attached as a search result which are: tour group name, the group current location and the contact information.

Challenges I ran into

We need strong support from all interested parties to be able to build that huge database and make it updated and reachable for all target users identified above.

Accomplishment that I’m proud of

It is a great and comfortable feeling to feel deep inside that you really spend valuable time in thinking and work on an idea that can serve many people.

what I learned

Our analytical skills and problem-solving skills improved, We learn a lot about the Haj preparations and details and all figure out great efforts done by many parties that we were previously no nothing about it This experience enhances our programming and coding knowledge

What’s next

Add finger print feature for all people attached to tour groups to enhance the current recognition features. Make Al-Murshed more reachable and working more effectively by Add other direct users to the system.

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