The Problem

It almost never happens that you go for hajj and not come across a lost man or woman; most of which are elderly, and often in less than perfect health.

Holding a piece of paper with a sometimes wrong telephone number and more often not answering or not connecting; the lost haji looks and sounds terrified and tired. We try to help, calling the number they hold or asking around for the location of their housing location, according to their nationalities. However, almost always, we end up leaving the lost haji for other people to try doing exactly what we failed to do.

There is a number of issues that prevent us from effectively helping lost hajis:

  • Haji does not have location information
  • Haji does not have a smartphone
  • Lost Haji speaks a different language from people around?
  • People who are willing to help, have no way to help

The Solution: Leqaa!

Lost hajis are found and returned safely in a very short time

**Mobile App to help haji be always updated with next events, housing locations, supervisor locations and can navigate to hostel or tent whenever lost. Next steps can be announced by supervisors to their fellow hajis.

Also, if haji does not have a smartphone, he or she can scan their bracelet QR Code on any other haji's smartphone and get help from closest volunteer that speaks their language. At the same time, the app automatically sends alert to the supervisor about the lost haji.

Supervisor can as well send special instructions to the lost haji, that he or she will receive once their QR Code is scanned on the next mobile**


  • Saudi Government will have a full visibility on the locations and activities of each convoy and every hajj.
  • Police will be alerted on lost hajjis and volunteers that helped them
  • Convoyed can be rated on how quickly they respond to lost alerts and how well they announce they next activities to their fellow hajjis.
  • Volunteering is no more limited to state officials. Opening the doors to volunteering hajis can reduce government costs and increase safety.

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