In my workplace, we deal with sending out of product units to various other businesses and consumers and oftentimes the same units get sent to multiple locations and people along the entire transportation journey. It is always difficult to track which part of the process are these units especially when the people involved are in different continents in the world. We decided to solve this problem with Glip as the primary communication tool.

What it does

EZTrack makes it easy for multiple stakeholders involved with the sending and receiving of assets to be aware of which part of the journey the assets are. It also allows efficient communication between one another through Glip, reducing the risk of asset loss or damage during the transportation process. For assets which require regulated environments (fruits, prescription drugs, groceries, etc.), EZTrack enables stakeholders to also track the temperature, air humidity and other conditions through which the asset is going through with the help of Botkit. On receipt of the assets, EZTrack also incorporates voice authentication to make sure the asset is securely received by the correct person.

How we built it

Our communications portal is built on Glip, where the Botkit tool was also incorporated to allow stakeholders in the group to track the asset's real-time data. Environmental data was captured using IoT sensors and devices, and was uploaded to Firebase. We then linked the data with Botkit. The other functions- Alert system, security authentication was all built as an android app.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Botkit to work, as it is still in beta.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the entire project

What I learned

Improved my coding skills

What's next for EZTrack

We'll continue validating the need for this solution and see how it goes from there.

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