We've both had bad experiences in the kitchen when our hands have been too messy to flip a page or swipe through a recipe on our phones. EZTouch Cookbook is meant to combat this problem by allowing us to access recipes in a low contact manner.

What it does

EZTouch displays the ingredients and steps of recipes at the user's request. The 4 seven segment digit display shows either the step number or ingredient quantity, and the OLED display shows the paired text. The user finds their desired recipe through the accompanying mobile app, and sends it to EZTouch. To switch between the ingredient and instructions settings, the user flips the slider switch on the device. To go to the next ingredient or instruction, the user can press the "next" button, designed for the back of the hand or elbow.

How we built it

The hardware was designed incrementally, adding new components only when things were sure to be working already. Similarly, the Arduino code was also developed this way. The app was developed using Android Studio and Spoonacular (a recipe API).

Challenges we ran into

Due to time constraints we were not able to complete the Bluetooth data transfer. We ran into too many obstacles with the hardware and software individually, and were not left with enough time to fully integrate them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Anna: I worked primarily on the hardware and programming the ESP32 utilizing Arduino. I am proud of getting the OLED display and 4 seven segment digit display to work together in unison. Because the seven segment display needs to have a constant signal in order to work properly, I had to work around delays needed for the OLED display. Additionally, I am proud of my utilization of interrupts in my code in order to process the user input (button presses and slide switching) at the appropriate times. Isha: We learned a lot throughout this process, and I'm proud of our team work and being able to get an app up and running on a device.

What we learned

We learned how to use new electronics components, including the ESP32, OLED display, and 4 seven segment digit display. Additionally, we learned about bluetooth data transfer.

What's next for EZTouch Cookbook

We hope to get the Bluetooth functionality up and running We also hope to design housing for our device with proper resources and make it fully functional in the kitchen

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