ezTouch lets you secure your Mac with one of the most powerful forms of security out there, your fingerprint. touchID has been integrated into most of the iOS products out there, but my teammates and I all agreed that Macs could benefit from the safety and efficiency of fingerprint reader as well. After ezTouch is set up on your iPhone and Mac, you will be able to lock and unlock your computer from ANYWHERE.

Yes. That's right. Anywhere.

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So when your mom needs to use your laptop to print something, but you're out with your friends, you can use ezTouch to let her into your computer with out telling her your password, and even lock it again when she's done.

We think ezTouch could be used everywhere. From teachers who want to be able to manage the security of 50 lab computers from one phone to the angsty teenager who feels overprotective about whatever he has on his computer. ezTouch will also work great in any environment where you may forget to lock your computer when you leave your desk.

ezTouch is there to provide a safe and efficient solution for people who want to be touched everywhere.

You no longer need to worry, security is one touch away.

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