The precise and confusing way in which network admin data must currently be found. The whole point of the project is to decrease the unnecessary level of burden for a given person to simply access and make sense of data.

What it does

We made a Spark/Slack/Cortana/Facebook Messenger/Google Assistant chat/voice bot that allows people to get data insights from Meraki networking gear by just typing/talking in a natural manner via Natural Language Processing. We also use Kafka/Confluent to upload chat messages to AWS S3 and analyze them and improve our NLP system. Additionally, we use advanced yet intuitive 2D and 3D modeling software to make it easy for users to understand the data they receive.

How we built it

Node.js chat bot on Heroku + custom analytic servers on Heroku along with a local Java data processing server and online S3 bucket.

Challenges we ran into

Getting Kafka set up and working as well as understanding different networking features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming our challenges.

What we learned

We learned a lot about networking terminology as well as how data processing/streaming works.

What's next for EZNet

More features to be available via the cross-platform bot!

Built With

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