Everyone loves to do road trips but the main challenge comes with the planning of the road trip like choosing the right places to stay, restaurants to eat, activities to do, safety to take care of and etc. So this problem of planning to road trip is the main inspiration for us to develop an android application which can gives us the whole trip route along the places to visit and hotels to stay.

What it does

This is the android application in which user has to enter the source, destination, trip start date, duration he wants to spend,the budget(optional), and safety alert option(optional). Our app will provide the user with top rated places to visit along the route within the budget and trip duration by considering the safety measures.

How we built it?

We built this using native android application and the apis with python flask and flaskrestplus. We utilized the HERE maps api to generate the route maps and the places along the route. We also used google places api to the retrieve the the reviews & ratings (if there is no rating in here map) and some other details about the places. We use the Data Science algorithms to sort, filter and cluster our results.

Challenges we ran into?

The major challenge we faced was while retrieving the top places along the route we are getting thousands of places. For sorting these places and filter only the top places among them, we used DBSCAN ball_tree algorithm to cluster the places that are in the range of some circular path.

Accomplishments that we're proud of?

Firstly we are proud of our great team work and it is really hard for us to show the retrieved places along the route with the place details on the map.

What we learned?

We learned how to work in a team, decisive skills to choose the best way from the results of our brainstorming to come over the problem and mainly the time management to complete the whole android application in a single day. We learned about few data science algorithms and its applications to the real world problems.

What's next for ez-roadtrip?

There is a future scope for our application to use more machine learning and data science algorithms to predict the places, hotels and restaurants based up on the user interests and things he like to do. We also integrate with the social networking sites to share the trip details and join more persons to the trip. We will also try to utilize the third data application for the real time alert the user about their surround safety which might affect to their trip such as crime, traffic accident and weather condition.

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