During the Covid-19 pandemic, people are working remotely from home. There are many project management tools that are available and have many features. Sometimes it is tough for people working in small groups or company or business to adapt a tool having lots of features and options. The main feature of these kind of tools is to create tasks, goals and assign them to other employee, manage them, update progress and monitor status of each employee. EZRemote gives the option to do all these things in the most easiest way and also using interaction with the application.

What it does

EZRemote can be used to create employee, organization, goal, task, assign tasks to goal, add goals and employee under each organization, assign tasks to employee, update task progress and even update health status for each employee too. It has an Admin Account which is created by the head of the company or business and an Employee account. Admin account is used to create tasks, goals, organization, add employee and more. Employee account is used by employee to see tasks and update progress. They can also update their health status which is very important at the moment. There is a chat screen which can be accessed by the Admin and can be used to instruct the system to do all the above mentioned activities. Using this application it is very much possible to work remotely with a small or large workforce and accomplish tasks efficiently. The application is really easy to adapt.

How we built it

There is a front end application developed using Vue JS. It is the user interface. Then we have a back end application which is developed using Express.js framework. This server serves as the API server where API is created. MySQL is used for the database. For processing the chat messages from user, Natural Language Processing technique has been used which extracts Nouns and Verbs from chat message and with the help of some defined rules, the user expected output is predicted. Based on that, further actions take place. Nouns and Verbs consist of the key terms that was necessary for the operations. Parts-Of-Speech Tagging (POS Tagging) technique helped in this case. This helped to process the chat messages from user in whichever way they were sent to the user and it did not create problem in predicting the output from the rules.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the shortage of time, many operations were not possible to be done. Rules were not that strongly built for predicting the output of chat messages. It was also taking a lot of time to process text using POS Tagger as the technique itself was tricky and there were also many more options. The big challenge I have faced was selecting the main features and focusing on them as there are many things that can be done in projects like these.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I wanted to participate in this hackathon with a team but I was a bit late. So without wasting any time I started working on this project and I knew that it will not be possible to complete much in this 36-40 hours. But I am really happy and proud that I could complete a Full Stack Application with front end, back end and database.

What we learned

I have learned a lot from this project. First of all, I gained a huge confidence that I can finish a huge project like this in just 36-40 hours. Secondly, learned a lot about Natural Language Processing techniques and using them in backend using Javascript. I also had to plan the relational database part and it was done nicely for which I was able to make the application functional and perfect.

What's next for EZRemote

For this part, I can write an entire book. But the future task for EZRemote will include voice interaction with the system, more complex search query to retrieve information and statistics about different projects and employee prediction which will tell use from previous records and performance whether an employee will be able to finish task timely or not.

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