Team TREE’s inspiration for developing EZRA IA was to solve frustrations that immigrants face when dealing with government services via state or federal by using a technology that would incorporate voice, text, and email. Our team built a privacy-based, open-source, cost-effective, voice-driven immigration assistant named EZRA IA (Immigration Assistant) for government divisions in immigration and social services. We were inspired to create what we believe will be the most energy efficient, most inviting, and multilingual immigration assistant to communicate and meet the need of the immigrant communities when taking the first steps to apply for government services. By using EZRA IA in government services divisions, we believe it will help decrease wait times, caseloads, and divisions of services high employee turnaround rates. We believe EZRA IA will empower caseworkers, immigrants, socioeconomically disadvantaged immigrant communities, immigrants with physical disabilities, immigrants with vision impairments, and/or are legally blind immigrants.

We built EZRA IA using the Mycroft Ai platform, Machine Learning, Twilio API, and some amazing talent and coding from all of our team.

We ran into wanting to do more and choosing two solid problems to start with for the weekend was very challenging. We also ran into some problems with the coding but our team overcame those and fixed any bugs in it so that we could present the best in a weekend that we could.

Accomplishments that we are proud of is just being part of the GlobalHack experience, forming a solid team, communication of team efforts and executing delegations, and really giving it our best efforts to develop EZRA IA to help immigrants in the United States. Hacking for a good cause is always rewarding and an accomplishment.

We learned from the speakers that spoke at the convention and our teams' research that the struggles of everyday life and making a pathway to citizenship for immigrants is extremely difficult and how easily we take being a citizen in America for granted at times. We also learned that there is a definitely a need to make changes to better lives for immigrants that come to America and how technology plays such a significant part in that realm of helping immigrants feel confident, secure, and gain easier pathways to citizenship. We learned that participating in GlobalHack 7 could be the beginning of a spark to start immigration reform with technology that could turn into a fire of empowerment and excitement for current immigrants and immigrants that come to America in the future.

What's next for EZRA IA?

The possibilities are truly endless with EZRA IA. Our team would love to see EZRA IA in government offices all across the nation helping immigrants with successful application procedures and processes with shorter waiting times. Guiding citizens and immigrants alike to social services that are out there and making the process to achieve those services more available via technology. We would like to see EZRA IA in more mobile friendly settings. With cell phones systems improvements, we could definitely see a future where EZRA IA is truly welcoming and being used by immigrants all over the world, not just in America.

Built With

  • mycroft
  • python
  • scraped-public-information
  • twillio-api
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