Members form our FIRST Robotics Teams 188 and Team 610 would often go on food runs when we are at school working late in the evening. The struggle to remember everyone's order and keep track of who owes who how much money is very real.

How it works

When you are going on a food run you open EZPZ and notify your friends, where you are heading. Your friends send you requests for what they want. You than take this list to the store and order everything. The APP stores the data of who ordered what on cloudant and is accessed later to figure out who ordered what. Monetary transactions can also be done by taking the picture of the credit card of the person who owes you money. This transaction works and is very secure.

Challenges I ran into

Running Analytics on the data we stored was a challenge I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project was a UofTHacks Hackathon project. Our team placed as top 5 and were considered finalists out of the other 500 people who were participating at the hackathon.

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