Everyone forgets to take their medication and this is a web app to help you remember. Not only does it help you remember but it also will have great features to manage your medications

What it does

The app sends alerts during the day to remind the user to take their medicine. The user could either manually enter the information or take a picture of the medicine's label, which will automatically fill out the necessary information such as the brand name, type of medicine, dosage, etc. The user's doctor can also send data that will automatically set up the alerts and reminders in the app.

How I built it

We used Ionic Framework to structure the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Since most of us are beginners with ionic framework, I feel like we accomplished a lot since we got a web app running on our local machines with some features implemented such as the medicine cabinet.

What's next for ezPill

The next step for ezPlan is to start planning out how we will provide the services. One service we want to add is for the user to chat with a medical professional either a doctor or pharmacist to obtain information about the medication. Another feature is to add a feature where the medical professional can change the amount you are suppose to take or make any other kind of changes to the medication.

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